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Meet The Go To Family – Robyn, Daniel, Ava, Rose, and Ella.

We’re a family of five who are on a mission to explore the world together! Three years ago, we decided to throw comfort to the wind and follow our dreams of traveling and discover the world as a family. We have visited over 17 countries and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Through The Go To Family blog, vlog, and Instagram, we hope to change the perception that traveling with young children is impossible. It’s a different type of travel, but an extremely rewarding one. Not only have we gotten to see our children grow as individuals through our trips, but it has also strengthened our family bond.


I am 36 years old and was born in Montreal, QC, Canada. I attended University and graduated with a degree in Political Science and a Minor in History. I opted not to enter a field relevant to my studies and took up blogging. In 2006, I started blogging in the entertainment field under Celeb Dirty Laundry. In 2011, I created Celeb Baby Laundry, a parenting website fused with pop culture. Being a full-time blogger, I have stayed at home and become a mother to three beautiful girls. It has also allowed me to travel without the constraints of a regular job.

I credit my desire to travel to my love of history and fine arts. At a young age, when reading about Ancient Rome, I made a promise to myself that one day I would travel the world and visit the places I had studied. My dream was to experience each place in person! My first goal was to see Florence, which is still, to this day, my favorite city in all of the world. I accomplished this goal in 2008 while traveling across Europe for the first time. I soon learned traveling is better when you know the history of the places you were visiting. So, I went back home and studied Art History, so I would be able to go to museums and understand the significance of everything myself. Today, I incorporate my love of learning into our travels, and I try to teach Ava about the history and culture of the places we’re visiting.

I met Daniel at 18, while out with friends! Our first date was a movie (very teenagery!). Most of my life experiences have been made while standing by his side. He not only became my significant other but a best friend. Since we met at such a young age, we traveled as a couple without kids for many years. It made us ‘seasoned’ travelers and perhaps less nervous about taking our kids along with us on our adventures.

Travel Style: Cultural Experience
Travel Personality: The planner
Travel Playlist: Led Zepplin, Oasis.
Favorite Destination: Southern Tuscany
Bucket List Destination: South Africa or India


I have had the travel bug since I was 14, and, for some reason, it only seems to worsen with time! In the summer of 2017, I bought a Canon 70D. I started filming our adventures in Europe with the hope of showing other millennial families or families-to-be that traveling overseas with young children is not only doable but loads of fun too!

Travel style: Food Experience
Travel Personality Travel: Laid-back
Playlist: Electronic
Favorite Destination: Thailand
Bucket List Destination: China


Age: 9
Personality: A sensitive soul, with wit beyond her years.
Favorite Animal: Our Scottish Fold, Mochi!
Can’t Leave Home Without: Catty, her toy cat.
Favorite Destination: Japan
Bucket List Destination: Paris
When She Grows Up She Wants to Be: A fashion designer or teacher.


Age: 5
Personality: A thinker, playful, and affectionate.
Favorite Animal: Kitty Cat
Can’t Leave Home Without: Mommy
Favorite Destination: Disney Cruise


Age 5
Personality: Outgoing, silly, and smiles galore.
Favorite Animal: Lion
Can’t Leave Home Without: Daddy
Favorite Destination: Disney Cruise


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