5 Must-See Ruins Sites in Peru

5 Must-See Ruins Sites in PeruWhen most people think of Peru the first thing that pops to mind is Machu Picchu. It’s not surprising, considering it is one of the new 7 wonders of the world and undoubtably one of the most amazing places we have visited. Travelers shouldn’t limit themseleves to just Machu Picchu though. The country offers so much more in terms of cultural Ruins.
Here are some of our favorite places in the country.
5 Must-See Ruins Sites in Peru
5 Must-See Ruins Sites in PeruSacsayhuamán, which means “Royal Eagle”, is located in Cusco, Peru. In fact, while Cuco is usually where visitors to Machu Picchu start off, there are several different Inca ruins on the Northern edge of the city itself.
Sacsayhuamán, is a temple/fortress complex that is currently used for the re-enactments of important Inca ceremonies. We enjoyed our time here just as much as Machu Picchu.
Huaca Esmeralda
The Huaca Esmeralda is located in Trujillo, Peru. Encompassing over 2,600 square meters, these beautiful ancient ruins are a pre-Columbian adobe temple that belongs to the Chimu culture. With a steep ramp that connects the two levels, no one can figure out why the site is called “Esmerelda”.
This gorgeous archeological feature is located in Kuélap, Peru and is the larges stone structure in South America. In fact, people refer to it as Northern Peru’s Machu Picchu. The is in better condition than its counter part and is on a higher mountain. At this ancient ruins site you will find orchids and air plants nestled in a rich forest of clouds.
Located in Cusco, Peru the Moray site offers its visitors 3 amazingly carved pits that boast varying temperatures from the top to the bottom. Rounded and teared, this is an amazing site to go visit on your trip to Peru.
Huaca del Dragón
This gorgeous archeological site remains a fantastically preserved religious site. Located near the city of Trujillo, it has ceremonial and administrative centers. This ancient ruins site is named as it is from its wall carvings that greatly resemble a dragon.
When booking your next getaway to Peru, it is important to take in some of the beautiful culture and history. While Machu Picchu is absolutely a must see while visiting, it is also important to take in some of the other amazing sites. Plan to take in as many others as you can on your trip and get ready to be blown away by the history that surrounds them.
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