Full Teppan Edo Dining Experience at Disney’s Epcot

No trip to Disney’s Epcot at Walt Disney World is complete without a dining experience at Teppan Edo.

Located in the Japan Pavillion of Epcot, Teppan Edo serves up authentic Japanese Teppan-yaki-style cooking. The whole dining experience is a fun show for the whole family as the food is stir-fried on the grill at your table while the skilled chefs create Hidden Mickey’s in your food and even Baby Yoda-shaped vegetables. You can choose chicken, salmon, scallops, or lobster as your main dish that comes with a Japanese salad, udon noodles with vegetables. If you enjoy Saki be sure to try the Nagori Sake. Teppan Edo is definitely a must-visit Disney Restaurant in 2021.

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