3 Best National Parks For A Safari In Namibia This Year

Rhinos in Namibia
With its contrasting landscapes, Namibia is a unique, must-see African destination for a great safari. Among the beautiful landscapes is a range of wildlife just waiting to be explored on safari. In fact, Namibia has 13 geographical regions among its 318.771 square miles of landmass. While the country has a large number of national parks, here we briefly visit five of the best safari destinations in Namibia.

1. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Elephants in Etosha National Park, Namibia
Elephants in Etosha
Etosha is Namibia’s largest national park, as well as being the country’s largest animal sanctuary. When on safari in the park it is recommended to visit at least one of its waterholes. Each is unique within the park and the best place to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Meanwhile, elephants, lions, giraffes and other wildlife roam freely, along with more than 300 bird species. There are six camps available in Etosha offering accommodation, game drives and other activities.

2. Waterberg Plateau Park

Zebra and giraffe in Waterberg Plateau Park
Zebra and giraffe
Besides being a great place to view wildlife, Waterberg is a historic site in Namibia. It was here that the historic battle between German colonial forces and Herero warriors took place. However, it was one of the earliest sanctuaries for endangered species and one of the most important conservation areas in Namibia. In fact, the park’s successful conservation work has led to supplying other Namibian parks with rare species, including the black rhino.

The Waterberg Plateau is elevated above the plains of the Kalahari in eastern Namibia. While small, the park is unique for mysterious rock engravings on the plateau, as well as dinosaur footprints.

3. Popa Falls Game Park

Popa Falls, Namibia
View of Popa Falls, Namibia
Popa Falls Game Park is the smallest game park in Namibia and its main attraction is the Popa Falls themselves. The falls are a set of rapids on the Okavango River and are among the country’s most beautiful spots. Conservation efforts here are to protect the park’s riverine forest, east of the Okavango River and its wildlife in one of the greenest parts of Namibia. From here, the river continues onward to Botswana and the Okavango Delta. Visitors to the park can expect to see vervet monkeys, many crocodiles and hippos. Popa Falls is also home to more than 400 species of birds.

Enjoy a safari in Namibia this year, visiting these and other varied and beautiful national parks in the country.

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