5 Best Reasons For A Family Vacation In Bali, Indonesia

Beach on a family vacation in Bali
Bali beach [Image by agus santoso on Pixabay
The island’s tropical landscapes, idyllic beaches and charming people will keep everyone enthralled in Bali, Indonesia. Here we explore five good reasons for taking the kids on a family vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

1. Best beaches for kids in Bali

Kids on a family vacation in BaliThe island of Bali is rimmed with beautiful beaches, but not all are suitable for the little ones. However, among the most popular beaches for families is Mengiat Beach in Nusa Dua. The beach is well maintained and clean, while the waters are calm and shallow. Meanwhile, the beach area is surrounded by many great places to eat. If the day is hot, take the kids for some retail therapy at the Bali Collection Mall. Besides shopping, the mall also offers dining and entertainment.

Staying in the area, but heading south you will find Geger Beach, Nusa Dua. As this gorgeous and clean beach faces the east, the family can enjoy some of the best sunset views in Bali. Once again, the waters are calm and shallow, making the beach ideal for the little ones. Moreover, when everyone feels hungry, a café nearby serves snacks and meals.

2. Other activities at the beach

Banana boat for the kids in BaliBali’s beaches aren’t just about paddling your feet in the water or building sandcastles. There are plenty of activities for the children, including a game of volleyball on the beach.

Alternatively, head out on the water in a banana boat or pedalo, or journey on a catamaran to view the dolphins. Naturally, opportunities abound in Bali for surfers and paddleboarders alike.

3. Bali Seawalker at Grand Mirage

Seawalker is the best way for the whole family to explore and discover the biodiversity of marine life in Bali. The dive site is a 10-minute boat transfer from Grand Mirage Beach. Meanwhile, Seawalker is the easiest way to explore the underwater world while wearing a special helmet.

What makes the experience even better is that there is no need to be able to swim, and no special diving skills are required.

4. Visit Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park
Bali Bird Park
Bali Bird Park has been running on Bali’s eco-tourism scene for more than 20 years. Each of the park’s seven different regions recreates the natural habitats of the birds, while surrounded by indigenous plant life.

Here, the family can experience the jungles of Sumatra, Papua and Far East Indonesia. Meanwhile, they can also view birds from the African Savannah and South America, making the visit truly educational.

5. Waterbom Water Park

Waterbom Water Park, Bali
Waterbom Water Park, Bali
Families looking for water fun while on vacation can’t go wrong with Waterbom Bali. This spacious water park has something to suit all ages. Older kids and parents can have fun on Asia’s steepest slide, The Climax.

Meanwhile, the little ones can have fun in Funtastic, with water cannons, wheels, slides and giant dump buckets to keep them happy for hours.
Parents are assured that the area is specially designed to international safety standards and is well supervised. However, children under six years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Naturally, the island has much more to offer than these top five activities, so make a plan to take the family to Bali this year.

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