5 Of The Best Ecotourism Destinations In Norway To Visit In 2022

Ecotourism in NorwayNorway is renowned for its amazing landscapes, fjords, beautiful cities and more. However, this beautiful Nordic country also comes in second place as the best country for ecotourism after Costa Rica. Read on to explore five of the top ecotourism destinations in Norway.

1. Hardangerfjord in Norway

Ecotourism at Hardangerfjord, Norway
Hardangerfjord, Norway
The iconic fjords of Norway are a world-famous traveler destination. However, this hasn’t stopped the country from receiving honors from National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations. This is due to Norway’s conservation efforts and rural land preservation. Meanwhile, Hardangerfjord is the third-largest fjord in the world and second-largest in Norway.

The fjord is located close to Bergen and offers many ways to explore its 100 miles, including kayaking and guided boat tours. Taking a boat ride through Hardangerfjord takes you past towns with colorful houses, glaciers, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. One of the best times to visit is during spring when landscapes include blossoming fruit trees. While there, tourists can visit the Hardanger Folk Museum to learn about the local culture. Moreover, a visit to Hardangervidda Nature Center offers interaction between humans and the environment.

2. Jæren Beaches, Stavanger

Brusand, Jæren, on the South Western coast of Norway
Brusand, Jæren
When talking about Norway, beaches are likely not the first thing that comes to mind. However, Stavanger’s Jæren beaches are an ideal ecotourism destination. Meanwhile, these scenic beaches span seven miles of Norway’s coastline. The beaches are a conservation area devoted to native plant conservation and the country’s wildlife.

Here, travelers can experience the beaches on foot, on a bicycle, or on horseback, while viewing the nature reserves with plenty of flora and fauna. Moreover, adventurous types can also enjoy canoeing, surfing and kite-flying.

3. Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway

Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway
Jotunheimen Mountains
The name Jotunheimen literally means “the Home of the Giants” and these mountains couldn’t have been better named. In fact, this breathtaking span of mountains in the heart of Norway is incredible. Here, visitors can experience the cold mountain air while hiking amongst dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Meanwhile, hikers have plenty to choose from, as Jotunheimen offers more than 2,000 miles of clearly marked trails. Along the trails, hikers and mountain climbers can experience majestic scenery and rich cultural attractions. While in the area, make sure to visit the Norwegian Mountain Museum, offering a unique perspective on the interaction between man and mountains.

4. Dog sledding in Finnmark, Norway

Dog sledding in Norway
Dog sledding
For those eco-tourists seeking a unique Arctic experience, Norway offers dog sledding tours. Way up on the northern tip of the country, close to the Russian border, travelers can visit the home of 50 Alaskan huskies. The experience can be found in Kirkenes, a small mining town of around 3,000 residents.

Speaking of the dogs, tour operators say that they never seem to want to stop running. As sleds are prepared for the journey, visitors can meet and get to know the friendly, excited dogs. Meanwhile, later, sledders can enjoy a hot meal made from local ingredients around a bonfire, in the company of the Alaskan huskies and local residents.

5. Saltstraumen fishing experience

Saltstraumen maelstrom
Saltstraumen maelstrom
Located outside Bodø in northern Norway, Saltstraumen hosts the most powerful maelstrom in the world. Here, tidal current speeds can reach 25 miles per hour and this makes it a great place to catch fish.

Visitors can experience the incredible force of nature either on the shore or by boat. Here, travelers can experience guided boat tours and deep-sea fishing trips. Meanwhile, on land, this is a perfect place for hiking through the gorgeous arctic scenery.

Experience the wonders of nature this year on an ecotourism trip in beautiful Norway.

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