France Wants To Lift Restrictions For Vaccinated Travelers This Summer

For those dreaming of a European getaway this summer, that dream might soon become true. That’s because there’s a new report that says French President Emmanuel Macron wants to begin lifting travel restrictions on international travel from non-European nations like the Unites States starting as early as May. Here’s what you need to know.

France Wants To Lift Restrictions For Vaccinated Travelers This Summer


Pack your bags and your lucky beret because France wants to progressively lift restrictions for Americans, which means you’ll get to celebrate both the 4th of July and Bastille Day if you are lucky this year. Macron told CBS News over the weekend that France will start to lift travel restrictions starting in May, citing a possible vaccination passport to allow a person to travel.


“We will progressively lift the restrictions of the beginning of May, which means that we will organize in the summer time with our professionals in France for French European citizens, but as well for American citizens,” Macron said. “So we are working hard to propose a very concrete solution, especially for U.S. citizens who are vaccinated, so with a special pass, I would say.”


With that said though, France is currently in its third national lockdown as it battles another wave of coronavirus infections. As of press time, schools are closed, many businesses have their doors shut and large gathering are prohibited.

But Macron is hopeful that things can turn around sooner rather than later and said that his country’s ministers are “finalizing the technical discussions” over easing the restrictions, and officials are crafting a certificate to facilitate travel between European countries with testing and vaccinations.


“The idea indeed is altogether to offer that to the American citizen when they decide to vaccinate or with a PCR test being negative,” he said. “So the idea is indeed to always control the virus, to maximize the vaccination and to progressively lift the restrictions.”

Other Countries Opening


This if of course good news for lockdown-way Americans who are itching to go just about anywhere this summer after sitting at home for the most part of last year. Along with France, Iceland, Croatia, and Greece have also said that they will roll out the welcome mat for vaccinated travelers, which means this upcoming summer of travel should be a promising one.

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