LEGO Movie World Officially Opens at LEGOLAND California

LEGO Movie World Officially Opens at LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California has officially unveiled LEGO Movie World…and everything is AWESOME!

14 months after it was scheduled to open, LEGOLAND’s LEGO Movie World welcomed guests on May 27. The exciting new themed area is a mixture of brand new construction and existing structures that have been rethemed for the movies.

Emmett's Flying Adventure LEGOLAND

Emmet’s Flying Adventure

The largest attraction, Emmet’s Flying Adventure, sees riders take race against Benny, Wildstyle and Unikitty as they sail through familiar LEGO Movie settings on Emmet’s triple-decker flying couch. A fully immersive experience, guests will feel the wind in their hair as they sail over Missile Zealand and the mist on their skin as they fly through the skies of Cloud Cuckoo Land. This ride is already proving popular with families.

Uniktty's Disco Drop

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Unikitty’s Disco Drop is also seeing queues due to its popularity- but don’t worry about the wait, you can build with LEGO bricks as you stand in line! Also new to the park is. Unikitty’s Disco Drop is a thrill ride for the little-ies, (and middle-ies too), dropping, bouncing and twisting to the disco beats.

Benny's Spaceship SlideBenny’s Spaceship Slide is a third newly constructed attraction. The three-story slide designed for kids under 12 is a must visit- even just to yell “I’m on Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship!” as the kids slide down!

The LEGO Friends themed carousel favorite is still in place, but has been rethemed to become Queen Watevra’s Carousel while the LEGO Friends show stage has been converted into a water play area. Another former event space, that once showcase LEGO models and displays ,has been re-themed to Emmet’s Super Suite apartment. Here you can meet characters and take a photo. The green screen area allows your photo take on an endless array of LEGO Movie backgrounds, too!

LEGOLAND Lego Movie Meet and greet

Everything Is Ramen

Hungry after all this LEGO Movie fun? Everything Is Ramen offers homemade ramen, rice bowls, and salads. Benny’s Rocket Fuel has popcorn, snacks, and Cloud Cuckoo Crepes has a selection of crepes and other sweet treats and Mom and Dad can re-caffeinate as the kids refuel.

LEGOLAND-California-Everything-is-RamenWhat do you think of the photos of the new LEGO Movie land? Have you been there yet? If so, let us know what you thought – was it worth the year+ wait? We’d love to hear from you so drop your comments in the section below.

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