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Here’s What You Need To Know About England’s Traffic Light System For Travel

The UK knows that everyone wants to get back to traveling like they did before the pandemic hit, but before giving the green light, they want to make sure that everyone remains as safe and as healthy as possible while continuing to curb the spread of Covid-19. With more and more people getting vaccinated, that is certainly possible and also why the UK has introduced a new traffic light system for travel. Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s What You Need To Know About England’s Traffic Light System For Travel


According to reports, citizens in the UK can start packing their bags and heading off for their much-needed vacations beginning on May 17th. With that said though, there will still be strict border control measures that will remain in place. As of press time, 12 countries and territories have been added to the ‘green list’ which means travelers from the UK can feel safe while vacationing there. They include:

Portugal including the Azores and Madeira; Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Brunei; Iceland; Faroe Islands; Gibraltar; Falkland Islands; and Israel and Jerusalem.

People coming from green list countries need a negative pre-departure Covid test, and they will not have to isolate at all upon their return. They will have to take PCR test on day two after their arrival. PCR tests are specified because they are more accurate than lateral flow tests.

However, it’s been noted that strict rules on testing and quarantine will remain in place to protect public health and our vaccination program, while people should not travel to ‘amber’ and ‘red’ countries for leisure. Travelers should also keep in mind that international travel will be different than what they were normally used to before the pandemic, as passengers are being told to expect additional checks and longer lines at the border.

Right now, countries that are on the amber list include Spain, Italy, France and Greece while Turkey, the Maldives and Nepal are on the red list. People returning from those countries will be required to quarantine in a hotel for 11 nights.

The traffic system will be reviewed again in three week’s time, as more European countries might be added to the green and amber lists.

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