3 Reasons For A Romantic Vacation On The Island Of Kos, Greece

Kos Town on the island of Kos
One of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Kos is renowned for its many sandy beaches. The island is also brimming with Greek and Roman history, especially around Kos Town.  What makes this magical island perfect for a romantic couple on a getaway?  Once you have checked into your spa hotel on the edge of the Aegean Sea, it is time to explore the island together.

1. Soak in the natural springs at Therma Beach

Beach in Kos
Beach view
If you couldn’t afford a spa hotel, no problem, as there is a natural bathing pool with healing mineral waters available on the south coast. Known as Therma Beach, the healing spring waters have been hailed for their healing powers since ancient days. Plus, it is a dramatic place to soak, tucked as it is under the rugged cliffs of the cove.

The natural springs gurgle up from the ground at a steady temperature of 104°F (40°C). Meanwhile, the water is known to contain all the better minerals and salts, including potassium, magnesium and calcium.

However, the beach is also a nice place to lounge on a sunbed while working on your tans together. For refreshment, there is a café on the entrance road which serves cooling drinks and some of the best Greek coffee.

2. Take a hike on Kos

The fact that Kos is a relatively small island makes it the perfect place to go hiking. Head up the Dikeos mountains on the many paths from Kos Town, or explore the coastal trails with panoramic vistas over the Aegean Sea. In the heat of summer, enjoy forest walks together in the backcountry of Kos.

Romantic vacation in Kos, Greece
Saint Paraskevi Orthodox Chapel
Easier trails on the island include the route from the resort of Kardamena to the Saint Paraskevi Orthodox Chapel (pictured above). Explore the path that navigates Tsoukalaria Forest, with its cedars and pines all the way to springs that once fed the city in ancient times.

A more strenuous hike heads up Mount Dikeos from the trailhead just outside the abandoned village of Palio Pili.  This trail takes romantic couples through the fragrant pine and juniper forests in the shade. Then, at the top, you can enjoy sweeping views over the north and south of the island.

3. Romantic cruise around Kos

Odyssey boat trip on Kos
Odyssey Boat Trip
Get out on the water by chartering a 40-foot boat with a skipper to take you around the island. Kos has a number of companies offering the chance to relax on the water. They even have plans for single or multiple days and if you have the knack, un-skippered charters are also available.

A boat trip gives romantic couples the freedom to explore all the best snorkeling spots on the island, as well as its beautiful, hidden coves. Meanwhile, honeymooners can enjoy special packages, including pick-up in Kos Marina from companies like Odyssey Boat Kos.

Then, it’s a day of cruising around the best beaches on the south coast and the nearby island of Pserimos in the north. Follow this with a tavern lunch on a hidden strip of sand with champagne to wash it all down.

Enjoy a little romance on the idyllic island of Kos in Greece, taking home memories of a lifetime.

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Freelance writer and travel writer who has lived in Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa, now living happily on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

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