Take a POV Virtual Ride Aboard the New Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Orlando

VelocicoasterNo ride has been as hotly anticipated as Universal Islands of Adventure’s VelociCoaster. Officially not opening to the public until June 10, a soft opening allowed passholders to ride the coaster along its 4700 foot long stomach churning track.

According to these lucky, early riders, this coaster does not disappoint.

Now Universal has released their official POV video allowing everyone to preview the thrills, inversions, twists, turns and drops as we virtually ride along.


As you will experience from the video, the coaster has two launches, the second accelerating the coaster to a scream inducing 70mph. The four inversions get scarier and more thrilling as the ride goes along. The highest climb reaches a dizzying 155 feet,  and you may have lost your lunch just watching the POV video as the Velocicoaster drops at a near vertical 80% angle!

However, riders claim it is the Mosasaurus role- the inversion with a twist that has riders coasting along, upside down and mere inches from the water, that will be the most thrilling moment of all.

What the video didn’t show was the line to get on board the coaster. Fully themed, guests will be able to get so up close and personal with two muzzled velociraptors that they will feel the raptor’s breath on their face. But with four muzzles and only two raptors…what happened to Blue and Charlie? Watch the second launch of the ride before yours and you will see what these escaped raptors are up to.

Universal Velociraptor VelocicoasterMr. Dino DNA, Dr. Wu, Claire and Owen will all be a part of the pre ride show, with Claire welcoming you to the newest Jurassic World Ride, inside a raptor paddock, and Owen warning that things have every likelihood of going wrong.

Are we going to listen to Owen- of course not!

Oh, and if you manage to keep your eyes open on the Velocicoaster, you may even see that you will come very close to some raptors as you twist, turn and drop. And oh, how you drop!!!!

What did you think of the virtual ride- is this something you will ride in person or is the video stomach dropping enough for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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