The E.U. Is Officially Dropping All Travel Restrictions For U.S. Tourists

Do you hear that sound? That sound is the tasty bite and crunch of your next empanada in Seville as Americans can now travel anywhere in the European Union without any Covid-19 restrictions. This is great news for Americans, who for the most part have been blocked from non-essential travel to the E.U. during the last 14 months of the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

The E.U. Is Officially Dropping All Travel Restrictions For U.S. Tourists

News reports say that the European Council has officially recommended that all European Union member countries lift their restrictions on non-essential travel for American tourists. While more and more people are certainly getting vaccinated on both sides of the pond, the European tourism sector is desperately anticipating the return of its most profitable customers outside of the EU: Americans.

In a statement announced this past week, the European Council said member states should “gradually lift the travel restrictions at the external borders” for residents of the following countries: Albania, Australia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Republic of North Macedonia, Rwanda, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, USA, and China, subject to confirmation of reciprocity.

It’s been noted that the UK was absent from that list, which is supposed to be reviewed again in two weeks.

While some countries, such as Greece and Spain, are already permitting fully vaccinated US travelers and/or those who submit a negative PCR test, this new change means Americans can now visit all 27 EU member states. But each state will have the option to add additional requirements such as a mandatory quarantine period for non-vaccinated visitors.

Before you book your trip to Seville, the only problem you may encounter is the fact that many airlines are yet to resume their normal pre-pandemic flight routes. However, that might all change by mid-July, as flights will slowly but surely come back as high season for tourism could last well into the fall.

Let us know what your travel plans are for this summer. Are you staying close to home or are you looking for an adventure abroad? Drop us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to come back to The Go To Family for all the latest news and updates on Covid-19 related travel.

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