Tourists Can Enter The United States To Receive Their Covid-19 Vaccination

With the pandemic throwing a spanner into the works of many travellers around the world, countries have had to respond to the changes that have come along with it. 

The United States has taken the lead and declared that any person with a running US visa can travel to the US in order to receive their vaccination. The added benefit has been that travellers will not see themselves get fined, nor restricted in any way, should they choose to decline the vaccine. 

Embassies have followed suit as the American Embassy—  in San Jose, Costa Rica—  first dropped the impending news. One visa officer for the Embassy was quoted as saying:

“We can confirm that travelling to the United States to receive medical treatment is an accepted purpose of travel, for those who have a valid visitor visa.”

Although the news was a welcome for some, there were equally worries that there could be a shortage of vaccines. That is why the United States has sought to allay those fears by putting a clear protocol in place. Therefore, anyone wanting a vaccination should inform the relevant state before they decide to fly out.

The visa officer added:

“If a person wants to know if he or she is eligible to receive the vaccine in the United States, they should raise the question with the local state authorities.” 

It looks like some states have welcomed the news and responded in kind.

North Carolina has declared an open policy for anyone to get a vaccination provided that they are of adequate age. An official statement on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services said: “Covid-19 vaccines are available in North Carolina for everyone over the age of 16.

“The vaccine is free everywhere in North Carolina, no photo I.D. or insurance is needed, nor us U.S. citizenship required or checked.”

And the state has reassured everyone that there will be no shortages, making it an ideal place for those who want the vaccine.

The statement added:

“ to protect the health of the inhabitants of North Carolina promote equity in the distribution of vaccines.” 

With the United States leading the way in such an expansive policy, there are naturally questions about whether other countries will follow suit. But one thing for sure is that many US citizens overseas have the chance to take up this option. 

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Hasib Afzal
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