Travel Advisory Level Updated For Mexico Travel

Travel Advisory Level Updated For Mexico Travel: Here’s What You Need To KnowDisclaimer: Posts may contain affiliate links that help support The Go To Family website.

If you are looking to visit Mexico during this summer season, there are some places you can go, and some places you may want to avoid. That’s because the U.S. has updated its travel advisory levels for several destinations within the country. Here’ what you need to know.

Travel Advisory Level Updated For Mexico Travel: Here’s What You Need To Know

According to reports, the U.S. State Department last week raised their travel warning for two states within Mexico but also downgraded four other Mexican destinations. As of press time, the U.S. has raised its warnings from Level 2 to Level 3 and is asking Americans to reconsider their travel plans to Baja California and Guanajuato. 

“Violent crime and gang activity are common. Of particular concern is the high number of homicides in the non-tourist areas of Tijuana. Most homicides appeared to be targeted; however, criminal organization assassinations and territorial disputes can result in bystanders being injured or killed. U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) have been victims of kidnapping,” the State Department said.

Travel Advisory Level Updated For Mexico Travel: Here’s What You Need To Know

There are also new travel advisory downgrades for Nuevo León and San Luis Potosí. They are currently at Level 2 while Campeche and Yucatán have gone to Level 1, which means travelers are expected to “Exercise normal precautions.”

However, the advisory also warns U.S. citizens to stay away from Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas, all due to crime and kidnapping.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has also extended its Covid-19 restrictions on non-essential travel at land and ferry crossings with both their neighbors to the north and south.

The White House said in a statement, “DHS also notes positive developments in recent weeks and is participating with other US agencies in the White House’s expert working groups with Canada and Mexico to identify the conditions under which restrictions may be eased safely and sustainably.”

Let us know what your travel plans are for this summer. Are you staying close to home or are you looking for an adventure abroad? Drop us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to come back to The Go To Family for all the latest news and updates on Covid-19 related travel.

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