Cancun, Mexico Pandemic Travel Update: Safety & What You Should Know Before Going!

Cancun Maybe be Calling Your Name, But is it Safe to Listen?As the pandemic stretches into its second year travelers are either feeling better about their physical  health, or worse about their mental health, and are looking to book a beach getaway. Mexico has always been a popular tourist destination and being that it has some of the loosest travel restrictions in the world, is now a hot favorite for pandemic travelers.

Cancun Resorts

A resurgence of new bookings has seen resorts scrambling to rehire staff which is fantastic for Mexican workers and the country’s economy, but should we really be venturing to a country that doesn’t even require a negative Covid test to get through its borders?  How safe is it to travel to the beach resorts of the Yucatan or Quintana Roo?

Leaders in the Mexican tourism industry unsurprisingly say vacation in their country is very safe, promising they’ve found a great way balance restrictions; protecting guests from Covid yet without sacrificing personal freedoms.

Cancun Beach in January 2021

Guests who have returned from Mexico agree, praising the resorts and the airlines, regaling friends and relatives with stories of a journey that was both seamless and safe.

The CDC, on the other hand is warning against a spring getaway and is telling all tourists to avoid Mexico. In fact, they claim even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.

Mexico is in the top 15 of countries with the highest amount of active cases, but it is the heavily populated areas like Mexico City that have been the worst hit. All-inclusives are the safest way to getaway to the beach with resorts in control of their guest’s social distancing and tracking of movements.

Tourists in Tulum

At time of writing Quintana Roo and Yucatan Peninsular have around 1500 active cases in the two provinces in the past two weeks, a modest risk in comparison to traveling to, say Miami, FL to visit the heavily patronized beaches. CDC officials, however, are less concerned about the number of cases and more the melting pot of different nationalities, and strains visiting Mexico.

If you do choose to travel to Mexico, know that land borders are closed until at least April 21. You will fill out a health questionairre upon arrival at the airport and masks are required where social distancing is not possible. Returning home, you will likely need a negative Covid test to renter your own country, and possible quarantining.

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