Disney Cruise Line Delays Dream Sailing From Florida

Disney Cruise Line Causes Confusion as They Continue to Remove Cruise BookingsDisney Cruise Line has been forced to cancel its first test cruise as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) could not clear the vessel due to “inconsistent Covid-19 test results.”

The Disney Dream should be counting down to departure today, with 300 volunteer Disney Cruise Line employees on board as the Dream set sail for its first test cruise.

However, there will be no pulling up of the anchor or sail away parties as the vessel bobs in the ocean off Port Canaveral, no Mickey or Minnie waving from the railing insight. It’s not the dream Disney was wishing for.

The Disney Dream was the second U.S.-based ship to initially gain approval from the CDC to run a 2 night simulated sailing. The purpose of the test cruises is to gauge the effectiveness of Covid-19 protocols on board.

Disney Cruise Line CharactersHowever, the test cruise has been pushed back after the CDC found small numbers of inconsistent Covid-19 test results. Disney insists that the “rigorous health and safety protocols we have in place helped us identify the situation” (the inconsistent results) and though the Covid swab results ultimately turned out to be negative, the CDC, erring on the side of caution, deemed them to be positive.

Due to these ‘positive” test results, the Dream was put back into red status.

The setback is a big disappointment to both the company and the crew members who were to act as volunteer passengers. These crew members have been without work for 16 months and we’re excited to get the ball rolling again…or the ship sailing again.

It is unknown when the simulated voyages will take place now, as the ship must work its way back into green status with the CDC so it can receive its conditional sailing certificate.

Disney CruiseHowever, as this war of cruise ships vs. the pandemic rages on, the state of Florida has bested the CDC in court, and come July the CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order will become only a recommendation, not a requirement for US-based ships to sail

Disney Cruise Line has canceled departures for the Disney Dream through August 6, 2021. Its first ship to set sail since the sailing ban came into effect last March will be the Disney Magic, operating cruises from the UK to UK only ports with UK only guests starting July 15.

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