Hawaii Mandates Covid Passports to Visit Most Indoor Establishments

Hawaii Mandates Covid Passports to Visit Most Indoor Establishments

Hawaii has been the strictest of all the US states when it comes to regulations and mandates throughout the pandemic. Having the luxury of regulating who comes and goes from the state, they were able to introduce their own Safe Travels Program. Now, to the surprise of almost no one, Oahu and Maui have introduced a Covid passport of sorts, required to gain entry into most indoor venues like restaurants, bars, and entertainment spots.

Hawaii Wants To Bring Back Tougher Restrictions Due To Surge In Covid-19 CasesCovid-19 cases are at an all-time high in Hawaii. The average of 800 new cases per day last month has tempered slightly to an average of 617 new cases per day in September, but the small lowering in numbers is not enough for the mayors of Oahu and Maui who submitted requests to Governor David Ige for tougher pandemic restrictions.

Beginning this week, Oahu’s new Vaccine Pass mandate has been introduced and will require proof of full vaccination or a negative Covid test result, taken within the last 72 hours to gain entry into almost any indoor establishment.

Maui began restricting people from entering indoor venues last week and is taking it a step further by allowing fully vaccinated folks inside only- they do not accept unvaccinated people with a negative test result.

Children under 12 are exempt from the new rule in both Oahu and Maui.

Maui is also under curfew for bars and restaurants for at least 30 days and lowered capacity rules for indoor venues continue to remain in play on both islands, much to the chagrin of tourists who have been complaining that they cannot get a dinner reservation anywhere in hotspots like Honolulu.

Hawaiian SunsetThis is no coincidence- Governor Ing has been trying to reduce the number of tourists entering the state for months now in order to keep his constituents safe and to hold off another possible, and potentially crippling lockdown.

The new Vaccine Pass restriction will last at least 60 days and will be reassessed in November.

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