MSC Cruises to Bring 8 More Ships Back Into Service, Beginning in May

MSC Cruises will add 8 more of their ships to their cruising schedule this summer, joining the currently sailing MSC Grandiosa.

On August 16, 2020, the MSC Grandiosa became the first major cruise ship to resume sailing following the March 2020 global shutdown. MSC has welcomed  over 60,000 guests safely onboard, though ship has suffered stops and starts due to different temporary bans, but is currently sailing with guests from Genoa, Italy calling into several Italian ports on 7 night cruises.

Joining the Grandiosa on May 1 is the MSC Seaside. The Seaside will also call Genoa home as it sails through Italy, however, the ships will be adding French and Spanish ports as soon as their bans have been lifted.

MSC Virtuosa, the cruise line’s flagship will perform her inaugural season in the UK starting May 20 from Southhampton.

The next ship to set sail, leaving its home port of Venice on June 5 is the MSC Orchestra. The Orchestra will be calling into Italian, Greek and Croatian ports

June 12 will see the MSC Splendida embarking from Trieste, Italy, hitting similar ports to the Orchestra and adding Montenegro to its international ports of call.

Germany will see three MSC cruise ships leave from their newly adopted home ports of Kiel (MSC Seaview, moving from Italy on June 19), Warnemunde (MSC Musica, June 20) and Hamburg (MSC Preziosa on June 21). This are all unconfirmed roll outs as German ports are not yet allowing sailings.

June 20 is also the rollout date for the MSC Magnifica. Magnifica joins the Orchestra in Venice, visiting similar ports.

Joining the MSC fleet at the beginning of August and becoming the line’s flagship will be the MSC Seashore. The Seashore will sail in Italian waters, as well as to Malta, Spain and France before crossing the Atlantic to Miami in November to star its Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries (should US sailings be permitted by then).

However, though 9 of MSC’s 19 strong fleet will be operational, there will be restrictions on who can sail. Currently the Virtuosa is only able to board UK guests and only citizens in the European Schengen Zone are permitted to sail on the European based ships. This will update as the world opens up to more international travel.

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