Top 3 Locations For A Vacation In Nature In Madagascar

Madagascar beach
Madagascar beach
Lying off the coast of East Africa across the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar is an island nation that hosts many unique animal species. However, it also features a wide range of environments to explore including lush rainforests, dry desert areas and more.

Whether looking for a hiking location or the perfect place to dive, this African country has all this and more. Read on to discover three of the best places for an adventure in nature in Madagascar.

1. Andasibe National Park, Madagascar

Chameleon in Madagascar
Located in the east of the country, this national park is one of the best to view several species of lemur and other unique animals. Andasibe National Park is made up of Anamalazaotra Reserve and Mantadia National Park and is ideal for nature lovers.

In its montane forest, almost 300 “singing” indri lemur can be seen. Also, the park is also home to the Parson’s chameleon, the largest of the species. Meanwhile, Andasibe also features an impressive collection of birds, butterflies, ferns and orchids.

However, while on a hike through the park, you are likely to see red-bellied lemurs and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. Besides these, the park is home to the nocturnal tenrec, a mammal resembling a hedgehog. It is best to take a tour for several days to see all the wonders of this national park and to experience its nocturnal life.

2. Lemur Island

Black-and-white ruffed lemur
Black-and-white ruffed lemur
While visiting Andasibe, experience the friendly lemurs of Lemur Island. The island is home to orphaned lemurs that would not have been able to survive on their own.

As the creatures are cared for by rangers, they are relatively tame. Due to this, visitors can enjoy a close encounter with brown lemurs, black-and-white ruffed lemurs and bamboo lemurs. These wonderful creatures are always ready to pose for photo opportunities.

3. Baobab trees of Madagascar

Baobab trees at sunset
Baobab trees at sunset
Baobabs are fascinating trees that are often called “upside-down trees” due to their peculiar shape. The trees can grow to a diameter of 30 feet or more and can reach heights of around 100 feet.

Among the best areas to see these iconic trees are Ankarana National Park and Berenty Forest. However, another great location to see them is on what is dubbed the Avenue of the Baobabs. The road links Belo Tsiribihina and Morondava on Madagascar’s western coast.

While touring the Avenue of the Baobabs, you can also visit a baobab reforestation project and plant a baobab seedling. The best times to visit the trees are at sunrise or sunset when visitors can take photos of the stunning scenery, with massive trees lining a red dirt road.

Find out more about Madagascar’s national parks and wildlife on the official website here.

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