The Cruise Industry Might Restart In Mid-July: Here’s What You Need To Know

After over a year of not sailing the spectacular seas, there’s good news for cruise fans. There’s a new report that says U.S. cruises could restart again as fast as mid-July, as more and more people across the country are getting vaccinated. In fact, the CDC says that the cruise industry could start business as usual again as long as 95 percent of passengers are fully vaccinated. Here’s what you need to know.

The Cruise Industry Might Restart In Mid-July: Here’s What You Need To Know


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that passengers will once again be able to cruise by mid-July if operators can show that 98 percent of crew members and 95 percent of passengers are fully vaccinated.  The CDC will also update its quarantine and testing requirements for crew members and passengers very soon. Officials added that vaccines will be a crucial step for the industry to make a comeback.


“We acknowledge that cruising will never be a zero-risk activity and that the goal of the CSO’s phased approach is to resume passenger operations in a way that mitigates the risk of COVID-19 transmission onboard cruise ships and across port communities,” Aimee Treffiletti, head of the Maritime Unit for CDC’s COVID-19 response for its Global Mitigation Task Force for COVID-19, said.



Previously, cruise operators were required to conduct test cruises and apply for a certificate at least 60 days before offering passenger cruises. The CDC on Wednesday said it would now review and respond to applications for simulated voyages within five days.


So, what does this mean for traveling families this summer? It means that there’s a very good chance that you might be able to book your long-awaited Disney cruise and visit the Caribbean islands for the first time in over a year. With that said though, the situation is still fluid, seeing how Covid-19 is still ravaging some parts of the world. But at least this is a good step forward and in the right direction for both the cruise and tourism industries.


In the meantime, we will definitely update you with all of the latest details about Covid-19 travel this summer as they come in.

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