The U.S.A. Is Opening Back Up to All International Visitors…As Long as They Have Proof of Vaccination

It has been 18 long months, but the US has finally announced it will be lifting the travel ban for visitors from the EU, UK, Brazil, and several other nations this November.

However, there are certain entry conditions that must be met by all foreign arrivals.

No vaccination= no entry for international tourists.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The European Union’s Vaccine Passports

Currently, rumors are circulating that the US is not recognizing the AstraZeneca vaccine, however, a list of acceptable vaccines is still under review.

Anyone arriving at US borders by air must show they have received their second shot (or the one and done of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine if accepted), two weeks prior to travel at the latest.

Paper, like the CDC cards issued in the United States, and digital, like the EU’s Digital Green Certificate proof is expected to be acceptable at immigration.

However, it isn’t only the vaccination proof visitors will need to travel with. All international arrivals will need to show a negative Covid test. This can be in the form of a widely available rapid antigen test or NAAT, PCR, LAMP, TMA, NEAR, or HAD test.

Any of these tests must be taken no earlier than 3 days of arrival.

No quarantine period will be put in place for visitors.

For citizens or residents of the U.S., the vaccination restrictions are unable to be applied, however, there are changes coming to US travelers returning back home.

Vaccinated Americans coming back into their country will follow the same rules as foreign visitors. Unvaccinated residents will need to perform their pre-flight Covid test within the very tight 1 calendar day window (rather than the current three). Another Covid test will need to be performed post-arrival.

The non-essential travel restrictions at land borders between Canada and Mexico and the US will supposedly be coming to an end on October 21, 2021. It is not 100% known if the new proof of vaccination rules will also be in effect for land arrivals, but if not, it does open a large loophole for unvaccinated folks traveling via Canada or Mexico.

Another ‘to be seen’ factor is those traveling with children. It is expected the vaccination rules will apply to children 12 and older as they are currently in the age group deemed safe to vaccinate.  There may or may not be extra restrictions for parties traveling with children under 12.

The official rules and regulations are likely to be released in October so continue watching this space.

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Nicola Barton

Nicola's dream was to visit all 7 continents and did so by her 40th birthday. However she knows there are still hundreds of places to explore and is packing her suitcase as we speak!

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