U.S. Travelers Can Visit Cuba Without COVID-19 Testing

U.S. Travelers Can Visit Cuba Without COVID-19 TestingWell… this is interesting. Cuba has just announced that they are opening their borders again for U.S. travelers. And while other parts of the world want travelers to either be COVID-19 vaccinated or at least present a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure, Cuba is not requiring either one. In fact, U.S. travelers can visit without any testing. Here’s what you need to know.

U.S. Travelers Can Visit Cuba Without COVID-19 Testing

Cuba announced that it will allow travelers from around the world to enter the country without any testing requirements from November 15th. The Tourism Ministry of Cuba put out a statement that predicts “more than 90 percent of the entire population will complete vaccination schedules” by November.

What’s more, the statement said that “Sanitary hygienic protocols will be relaxed” and that the protocols will focus on “the surveillance of symptomatic patients and temperature-taking.”

And while it is no longer required to get tested before traveling to Cuba, diagnostic tests will be carried out randomly. It’s also been noted that Cuban customs officials will also accept vaccination certificates from abroad.

U.S. Travelers Can Visit Cuba Without COVID-19 Testing

With that said, Cuba has started vaccinating children as young as two, in the hopes that all children can get vaccinated before the school year begins. As of press time, the country of 11 million people is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases that is crippling its healthcare system. Children have been attending schools through lessons on television programs due to the lack of universal internet access since March 2020.

Cuba has seen 5,700 deaths from the pandemic, 2,400 of which occurred in the last month.

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