Why Expedia’s New App Is A Must If You Are Traveling During The Pandemic

Travelling during the pandemic has now only become a journey that you undertake out of necessity. Unfortunately, for some, they have no option but to travel during these uncertain times. Rest assured, though, help is available and it is much closer than you think.

Expedia, an online US travel company, has introduced their new app which makes it easier to stay up to date with the never-ending rules. As each country’s restrictions continue to vary , trying to keep up with them can be difficult at the best of times.

But with this new app, travellers can check out if quarantining is required, the validity of a PCR test and of course, the use of a potential covid passport. As seen in the picture below, there are currently no restrictions in place if you were to travel from Boston to Toronto.

The easy box-like features have made it simpler to go on and navigate the differing rules. The days of working through a government website are over. As the app provides continual updates, you will not be left with any nasty surprises upon your arrival.

Stacey Symonds, who happens to be an Expedia director, said: “Right now, many people are considering booking trips as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, but at the same time, they’re inundated with conflicting information about where and how they can safely travel.” With that in mind, where are some places that are worth travelling to?


As of now, Greece is allowing travellers to enter in May. This is on the condition that people provide a covid certificate, which shows that you have been vaccinated. Equally, if you produce a negative test, you will be allowed to enter.


If Greece does not do it for you, then Cyprus may be a better bet. Cyprus has stated, that provided Brits have taken two doses of a legally recognised vaccine, they shall be allowed to enter. This policy is due to commence in May.


Lastly, the Seychelles will be welcoming all travellers with the bonus of having no restrictions. The only conditions are that travellers have either taken a vaccine or had a negative PCR test.

All these destinations will be integrated into the Expedia app, so you will never miss any changes. With the new app already available, travelling will no longer be a burden as efficiency and waiting times will be reduced. So what are you waiting for? Download the app today.

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