Top 5 National Parks To Visit On Safari In Ghana This Year

Mole National Park in Ghana
Mole National Park
Nestling along the coast of West Africa, Ghana has a number of excellent national parks. What makes them so special is that the country has an incredibly diverse natural environment. Here you can visit idyllic beaches, stunning lakes and waterfalls and beautiful woodlands while meeting the local Ashanti and Akans people. While there are more to visit, here are five of the top national parks to experience in Ghana.

1. Mole National Park

Mole National Park
Baboon in Mole National Park
The vast Mole National Park in Ghana spreads over savannah woodland, through forests and past many beautiful waterways. Among them, the Mole and Lovi Rivers pass through, offering water to the local wildlife. Here, visitors can see diverse species including baboons (pictured above), buffalos, hippos, lions, leopards and elephants (pictured top). The park also features a range of diverse plant varieties and offers plenty of trails on which visitors can either explore on foot or by car.

2. Ayum Forest Reserve

Chimpanzee in Ayum Forest Reserve
Chimpanzee [Image by Simon Bardet on Pixabay}
The green and lush Ayum Forest Reserve is in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. Meanwhile, the reserve is connected to the Bonsampepo Reserve and the Subim Reserve. The national park plays a key role in the preservation of biodiversity of the Guinean Moist Forest EcoRegion. Here, visitors can see chimpanzees, elephants and other endangered species in the wild.

3. Kakum National Park, Ghana

Diana monkey in Kakum National Park
Diana monkey
Kakum National Park is a tropical rainforest located near the coast in the Central Region of Ghana. Here, many unique species of fauna and flora can be found. Among the fauna is the unusual and endangered Diana monkey with its distinctive black face (pictured above). Another unique animal is the yellow-backed duiker. The national park also hosts many species of bird, including the hornbill and the African grey parrot.

Kakum Canopy Walkway
Kakum Canopy Walkway
One must-visit on a trip to Ghana is the Kakum Canopy Walkway (pictured above), a 350-meter (1,148-ft) walkway that takes you through the treetops.

4. Digya National Park, Ghana

Crocodile in Lake Volta
Crocodile in Lake Volta, Ghana
Situated in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, Digya National Park lies on the shores of the massive Lake Volta. The park is home to a large elephant population, along with an amazing variety of other fauna and flora. Meanwhile, the lakeside features crocodiles, otters and a number of other river creatures.

However, besides watching a variety of mammals and primates on the lake shores, the park also offers the chance to spot more than 200 species of birds. Meanwhile, Digya’s forests are breathtaking, with both savannah woodland and gallery forest.

5. Bui National Park

Hippo in the White Volta River, Ghana
Traversed by the White Volta River, Bui National Park is the third-largest in Ghana. The river hosts many river species, including a large hippopotamus population. In fact, the river is also the best place for a guided canoe ride, watching the hippos at home in their natural habitat. Meanwhile, a large number of monkeys, birds and antelope can be seen across Bui National Park.

Enjoy a safari experience in these and other top national parks in Ghana on your next African vacation.

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