5 Unique And Unusual Locations For Curious Travelers In The Bahamas

Unique locations in the Bahamas
Coco Cay, the Bahamas
With 16 major islands, The Bahamas offers vacation adventures across its 100,000 square miles of crystal-clear water. Needless to say, the archipelago features idyllic beaches, marine adventures including scuba diving and sailing and all the pleasures of the Caribbean. However, The Bahamas also offer unique and fascinating destinations to explore this year. These include a beach occupied by pigs, an underwater sculpture, an underwater road, a unique lighthouse and an artist’s former home.

1. Pig Beach, Big Major Cay, The Bahamas

Feral pigs in the Bahamas
Fegal pig looking for lunch
Close to Staniel Cay in the Outer Exumas of The Bahamas, is a small, uninhabited island, Big Major Cay. Here, a group of feral pigs has taken up residence in their own private paradise. The pigs roam around free on their own island and regularly take a dip in the clear, aqua blue waters.

Anyone who stays at Fowl Cay Resort can take a boat out to visit the pigs that will often swim right up to them. Due to many tourists feeding the cute animals, they are always looking for their next lunch.

Rumors say the pigs were originally left on the island by sailors, who were planning for a future meal, but never returned. Others believe the pigs might have survived a shipwreck. Whatever brought them there, the pigs are totally at home in their own paradise.

2. The Musician, Musha Cay, Exumas

The Musician is a stand-alone sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor, which features a full-scale mermaid and a Steinway concert grand piano. In fact, this is one of many fascinating pieces by the famous sculptor. He crafts his work from pH-neutral cement to encourage marine growth, turning the work into an artificial reef. However, the piano itself is made from stainless steel. Meanwhile, the mermaid relaxes and waits close to the bench of the piano, seemingly hoping divers will come and play her a tune.

The Musician
The Musician
Moreover, divers can see The Musician while diving near a private island owned by magician David Copperfield, Rudder Cut Cay. What makes the sculpture unique is that the piano plays soft classical music, similar to the singing of a dolphin or whale. See more of the sculptor’s work on his Instagram.

3. Bimini Road, North Bimini Island, The Bahamas

Bimini Road from space
View of Bimini Island
Staying beneath the waves, Bimini Road is an underwater structure in the Bahamas, believed by some to be a possible Atlantis location. Greek legend says the city of Atlantis sunk into the ocean in one day, wiping out its existence some 11,000 years ago. Some believe Atlantis is a partially intact city hidden away somewhere beneath the waves. Meanwhile, scientists and treasure hunters have searched for the remains of Atlantis for many years.

Due to this, anything unusual found on an ocean dive that looks like a manmade sculpture quickly gains media attention. In 1968, a diver discovered a series of stones 18 feet below the surface off the coast of North Bimini Island. On closer inspection, the stones appeared to be manmade as they were evenly spaced out over around half a mile.

After the news hit, many people claimed that the stones were part of a wall or a road belonging to an ancient city. Meanwhile, scientists truly hoped the new discovery would be related to Atlantis. However, after the blocks were carbon dated and analyzed, it was found that the structure was natural. For now, the mystery of Atlantis remains unsolved.

4. Elbow Reef Lighthouse, Hope Town


Visit Elbow Reef Lighthouse
Hope Town’s Elbow Reef Lighthouse
Elbow Reef Lighthouse stands in Elbow Cay and is one of the last operational kerosene-fueled lighthouses in the world. Constructed back in 1862, the lighthouse is painted in red and white stripes. Meanwhile, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the Bahamas. What makes it so unique is that the lighthouse must be hand-cranked every two hours to remain operational.

According to the official website, the lighthouse is open Monday to Saturday, 9 am–5 pm. Meanwhile, ERLS Gift Shoppe on the first floor is open Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 1 pm. To get there, take the shuttle to Hope Town Inn and Marina and then follow the signs to the lighthouse. Once there, you can climb the stairs to the top and enjoy a panoramic view from the balcony.

5. Dolphin House Museum, Bimini

Dolphin House Museum in The Bahamas
Dolphin House Museum
Ashley Saunders, a local artist, author, historian and retired teacher has opened his home as the Dolphin House Museum. Visitors can explore the museum, viewing his fascinating and colorful mosaics that pay homage to the island’s history. Saunders’ family lived on Bimini since the American Revolution in their unique home.

The Dolphin House is located in Alice Town in the north of Bimini and is a sturdy structure, built to withstand passing hurricanes. Throughout, visitors can see the colorful touches of the artist. Meanwhile, even the exterior is completely covered in mosaics crafted from shells, colorful tiles, coins, bottles and found items from the beach.

While Saunders warmly welcomes visitors to his home, he has also written two volumes on the history of Bimini and the Bahamas. Find out more from the museum’s website and view more images on the official Instagram page.

Take time out on your vacation in The Bahamas to visit these and more unique attractions on the Caribbean island.

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